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Providing Dedicated Hourly Home Care and Support for Seniors

Assisting Hands Home Care Wilmington is committed to delivering exceptional hourly home care services that are precisely tailored to meet the unique needs of each of our clients and their families. Our unwavering dedication to excellence is reflected in our minimum requirement of 4-hour shifts per day and at least 16 hours per week, ensuring seamless continuity of care. This approach empowers our caregivers to establish trust, provide unwavering support, and develop essential routines, particularly for individuals facing cognitive and physical challenges. By fostering deep companionship and significantly enhancing our clients’ overall wellbeing, we consistently provide high-quality and engaging care. Our service philosophy is driven by this unwavering commitment, benefiting both our dedicated caregivers and our cherished clients, and serving as the cornerstone of our exceptional services.

Compassionate Companionship and Practical Assistance


In addition to assisting with daily activities, personal care, nutrition, meal preparation, and transportation, our hourly home caregivers serve as extraordinary companions to seniors. They strive to create genuine and lasting connections, fostering enhanced self-esteem, confidence, and a renewed sense of purpose.


Companionship & Support

Hourly Home Care: Support for Overwhelmed Family Caregivers


Balancing caregiving responsibilities with work and family obligations can be overwhelming for many. By entrusting their senior loved ones to our hourly home caregivers, family members can take a much-needed break, tend to their own wellbeing, and cherish time spent with their loved ones as devoted sons and daughters—not just as caregivers.



Family Caregivers