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Enhancing Senior Wellbeing: Companion Care from Assisting Hands Home Care Wilmington

Assisting Hands Home Care Wilmington is dedicated to ensuring the wellbeing of seniors through our team of skilled and compassionate in-home caregivers. We specialize in providing personalized companion care services that foster meaningful relationships, offer unwavering emotional support, and engage seniors in stimulating activities. Our aim is to promote social interaction, mental agility, and an overall enhanced quality of life for seniors who choose our companion care.

Our Comprehensive Companion Care Services Include:

Emotional Comfort – Our caregivers extend a warm and nurturing presence to seniors, alleviating any feelings of loneliness, depression, or anxiety

Cognitive Stimulation – We design various activities tailored to promote mental agility and stimulate cognitive function, ensuring seniors remain engaged and sharp

Companionship & Support

Social Engagement – Our caregivers provide transportation to social events, facilitate connections with loved ones, and actively encourage participation in community activities

Personalized Care – Building a strong bond, our caregivers provide customized attention that fosters a deep sense of value, dignity, and fulfillment


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