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Garth Monderoy

John Benchoff

John Benchoff's professional journey, characterized by strategic leadership and effective team management, aligns seamlessly with his role at Assisting Hands Home Care. His experience in directing a global team and managing a multimillion-dollar product suite at Altisource honed his ability to lead with a focus on efficiency and client satisfaction—qualities that are integral to providing exceptional home care services. His adeptness at optimizing operations and aligning costs without compromising on service quality mirrors the core necessities of running a successful home care agency.

Beyond the metrics of business management, John's entrepreneurial tenure with Desiderata Marketing showcases his ability to understand and anticipate client needs, fostering trust and personalized care—central tenets of the home care industry. At Assisting Hands, he applies this client-centric approach to ensure the delivery of compassionate, individualized care. John's comprehensive background ensures that Assisting Hands Home Care not only operates smoothly but also resonates with the personal touch and attentiveness that clients and their families value.

Garth Monderoy

David Mckee
Director of Business Development

Part of my role as director of business development is a wonderful opportunity to become familiar with the many fine skilled nursing facilities, senior centers, and assisted living communities in the areas north of greater Boston. It has been my joy to create and maintain a referral provider network of relationships. That’s the good part. The great part is following up on the referrals generated! I delight in connecting with families in need of solutions to how to best care for their loved one in their home, and seeing Assisting Hands be the answer.

Several years ago, I retired from a non-profit, faith-based organization in West Africa where I and my wife, Diana worked for almost three decades. I then continued my passion of helping others by taking a certified nurse aide course, and subsequently worked for 9 years as a CNA in the context of people’s homes, helping older guys. My wife noticed that I had become an ‘older guy’ and suggested speaking with Assisting Hands Home Care, just a five-minute walk from our home here in Wilmington to see if there was a role I could fill. She was right, as she has been the 50 years of our marriage, and it has been a privilege to work with John as we share the same passion of giving families peace of mind in the complex journey of aging in place.

Garth Monderoy

Brendan Hoban
Recruitment Manager

Brendan Hoban earned his undergraduate degree from Southern Wesleyan University in South Carolina and continued his education at Durham University in England where he earned a master’s degree in Business management. Brendan started his professional journey in athletics. Brendan played professional basketball in three different countries spanning Europe and Asia. His experience living with different cultures has allowed him to understand people from all walks of life and communicate very well. Brendan’s ability to easily form relationships with people mirrors the core necessities of the recruitment and hiring process.

My role as recruitment manager allows me a fantastic opportunity to become familiar with all of Assisting Hands Home Care’s potential employees! It is wonderful to get to know and create a relationship with each one of our applicants. It warms my heart to connect with people and help them through the hiring process here at Assisting Hands. My background prior to joining the team ensures Assisting Hands Home Care has a caring and personal touch that every potential employee values.